11 November 2010

my new bloggy home

I've moved my crafty space to the following address: http://www.anniescraftcave.wordpress.com Please check out my crafty happenings over there!

04 August 2009

Patriotic wall hanging - need help!

I've had these 2x2 precut blocks that I bought off of Ebay for about 6 years now. I decided to put them together tonight into 9 patch square and then made disappearing 9 patch blocks out of them. I was able to get 6 9 patch blocks and I have 6 2x2 squares left. Following is the layout I want to do but I'm lost as to what to put around the individual 2x2 squares. Does anyone have any suggestions? I'm going to have to buy fabric for this as I don't have any solids.
Thank you for your help!!

02 August 2009

Time gets away from me

Where are the days going?? Anyway, I finished the thomas quilt. This is it!
I am currently working on a Christmas present that I started over 4 years ago. I am so excited to be getting it done! Then I have a wall hanging planned and looking at other Christmas projects already. Time to get those started and on their way. :-)
What have you been crafting lately??

05 July 2009

Thomas Quilt Pics

Here are a few pictures of the Thomas quilt during and after quilting.

Help with motivation

Well I'm back and I know it's been a long while but I have reasons for that. The biggest reason would be having an addition to our family on June 5th. We added a wonderful baby boy to our home. The adjustment has been rough but is smoothing out now. :-) 
I have yet to finish the binding on the Thomas the tank engine quilt. I do have a wall hanging planned out but I am refusing to even look at the fabric until the Thomas quilt is done. 
In other crafting arenas, I have been working on getting Joshua's scrapbook pages finished that are started. I'm also working on a crocheted blanket for Matthew. It's a new pattern that is giving me a bit of trouble.
If you are new to my blog, please leave a comment so I know people are visiting. That should help in motivating me. :-)

16 March 2009


I have gone back to quilting! It's only been a few years since I've sat at the sewing machine and the last project is still a work in progress. This project, however, is on the fast track to being finished. My hope is to be able to finish it this week so that I can make up Joshua's toddler bed with it before we leave on our road trip.
Here are some of the process pictures:
Squares cut:   strips sewn together:  sewing strips together into larger sections of quilt top:  quilt top hanging over ironing board:

19 February 2009

The bug has bit in a big way!

I am so excited to share. I've been wanting to knit and crochet but haven't had an idea for a project until tonight. I surfed over to a blog and found out about a few different places I could send blankets for babies in need...orphans mostly. I am so so completely excited! I'll get details rounded up and post soon.